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With VIDsigner, it is no longer necessary to print, scan or physically accumulate paper in healthcare facilities. All usage scenarios are covered through our biometric, centralized, remote and e-Signature solutions.
The electronic signature service guarantees maximum legal security and allows patients and medical staff to feel more comfortable with the digital process.


  • Improves the relationship between the professional and the patient
  • Simplifies the obtaining of informed consent in healthcare institutions
  • Signer feels more comfortable signing documents
  • Enables cost reduction: savings in printing, physical archiving, shipping and processing time.
  • Highest level of compliance and legal certainty
  • An electronic document to meet the needs of the healthcare sector in obtaining informed consent from patients as well as physician approval.
  • Allows acceptance of data transfer and registration
  • Guarantee of neutrality and assumption of liability by the service provider
  • Reduces the possibility of errors such as loss of information (paper) with qualified electronic signature


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