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The easy way to analyze, model and visualize data

Exploratory data analysis and predictive modeling

Faster and more powerful information without code. Data science for all, add data models without writing any code.

Graphext allows your company to load, explore and find patterns in your data in a matter of minutes. Manage and customize the analysis without writing any code and without relying on others.
  • Drag and drop data sets into Graphext to start detecting patterns. Get instant database data and warehouse integrations.
  • Enter data directly into histograms, bar charts, heat maps, box plots, time series and many more chart types. Play with interactive filters and update your data dynamically.
  • Follow the guide to detect invisible ideas, correlations and relationships between values. Identify significant variables and expose communities of key data points with a simple scan.
  • Understanding customer behavior and identifying key audience segments
  • Define customer bases using structured and unstructured data
  • Finding hidden links and connections associated with products
  • Revealing people's attitudes towards a product through a modeling survey r
  • Analyzing large amounts of text is a window into public opinion on an issue
  • Identify patterns behind the accounts
  • Identify anomalies in data and detect patterns
  • Identify defining characteristics based on geospatial and geographic data
  • Identify the target audience to direct the marketing efforts
  • Improve marketing strategies for target audiences
  • Understand the sub-leverages of a marketplace
  • Detect the communities of influence
  • Identify opportunities and anticipate market trends
  • Make better informed business decisions
Drag and drop data sets or extract data from databases and data warehouses into Graphext to start detecting patterns. Immediately!
Graphext will automatically show you the distributions of each variable as cross-filters, helping you to organize the variables into groups. The Chart section will guide you to create the correct type of chart between any pair of variables.
Once you find something interesting to communicate to create a story with your data, you can save it directly from Graphext and customize the slides directly from there in a collaborative way.
Create and implement powerful machine learning models on your data without writing any code. Model language with built-in NLP algorithms - Make predictions about values - Group related data and connect powerful machine learning APIs from Google and other vendors.
Create associations between similar data points and visualize them in a network. Explore hidden communities and drill down into their defining characteristics with intelligent filters, targeting and highlighted variables.

No Code Analytics and Data Science for all. Add data models without writing any code.

Data Scientists

Add data models without writing code.

Innovation teams

Build advanced data analysis projects quickly. Find patterns, trends and results that improve your business.

CTO and Business Managers

Load, explore and start finding patterns in your data in minutes. Manage the analysis exactly as you wish, without writing any code and without relying on others.

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