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VIDsigner’s electronic signatures enable technical and legal security while improving interaction between customers and agents. In addition, electronic signatures allow brokers to immediately close documents such as health questionnaires, insurance policies, personal data protection agreements, medical reports, SEPA mandates, among others. Any document signed with VIDsigner digital signatures is encrypted to the highest international standards.

Use of electronic signatures

Account opening, charges, contracts, purchase orders, loan and/or credit requests, and transfers, among others.

Coverage, medical authorization forms, change of address and/or account, accident history, premiums and power of attorney, among others.

Internal and external audits, approval of invoices, agreements with contractors, non-disclosure agreements and new hires, among others.


  • Faster sending and receiving of documents
  • Sign documents from anywhere
  • More professional, more secure
  • Multiply the results of your customer acquisition and onboarding campaigns.
  • Reduces approval times and costs


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