Improved control of the entire data flow. And it solves the problem of parallel trade. The application adapts to the logistic processes that may be required.

With iBS-Logistic you can carry out the registration and traceability of unitary products in a totally transparent and certified way throughout the distribution chain until it reaches the final customer (HORECA or retail).


“Parallel sales for HW manufacturers cause losses of about 40 billion a year worldwide, and 10 million euros a year in Spain alone.” Report by: KPMG and AGMA

Current traceability systems do not guarantee compliance with the distribution conditions agreed between manufacturer and distributor (storage, prices, zones, etc.).

Manufacturers do NOT have access to the information that is generated between their distribution network and the end customer, which makes it difficult to manage their brand reputation.

Lack of transparency and control throughout the distribution chain, making it difficult to identify spoiled products.


This solution provides an intuitive and simple user interface for all participants in the process, allowing companies to create their own application where manufacturers and distributors can have detailed traceability of products at the unit level, solving current problems such as inventory management, parallel sales or identification of incidents.

It offers the possibility of recording all associated transactions in an immutable form, giving the possibility of accessing them to resolve any possible dispute.

How does it improve my business?

This use case is the basis for developing delivery and demand planning strategies, bringing multiple benefits to your business:

Traceability and control
It allows all stakeholders to have visibility of what is happening throughout the logistics of external distribution of your product to the end customer.

Security and privacy
Reduced risk of fraud or error, greater transparency and trust between manufacturer and distributors. Data is encrypted with the most robust algorithms.

Stock management documentation, whose data can be integrated with your various management systems. Availability of analytics to improve internal operations with suppliers and customers.

Geolocalized digital delivery note
Digital evidence of all logistical operations (time stamping, geolocation and identification of users involved in the operation).


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