Control your employees' time registration, on-site or remote, through geolocation. Complies with Decree Law 8/2019, thanks to blockchain technology.

Ensures immutability, independence and accessibility of time records in the most efficient way possible, by means of cryptography and storage in decentralized databases.


Lack of control over overtime and employees working remotely.

Possibility of accidental or intentional alteration of records by the database administrator.

Manipulation of hours worked by employees, collaborators or subcontractors.

Risk of penalties for negligence: from 626 to 6,250 euros depending on the number of employees or turnover.

How does it work?

This use case allows to integrate into those companies that already have a time and attendance application, but want to add the advantages offered by Blockchain technology, and thus comply with the law.

Securely and reliably record the clocking in and clocking out of all your employees, including those who telecommute. Two ways to do it:

1-Integrate our service in your control system, quickly and securely.
2-Do you have no application? Get in touch, we’ll help you 🙂

How does it improve my business?

Endorsed by law
Comply with the law, thanks to Blockchain technology we guarantee the independence and immutability of the data. Forget about problems with overtime claims and deter fraud.

Extract customized reports, download them or send them by mail.

Record the hours and routes of your remote workers. Control working hours from anywhere.

Geolocated digital delivery note
Digital evidence of all logistical operations (time stamping, geolocation and identification of users involved in the operation).


Ask us whatever you need. We will answer your questions and
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