Control and
IT security

There are concerns about computer security, risk and privacy. This is due, in part, to the conflict with disparate, incompatible and sometimes still underdeveloped IT security offerings that fail to adequately protect implementations, resulting in increased risk to customer or business owner data.
Companies yearn to deliver smart services that can dramatically improve the quality of life of populations, business operations and intelligence, quality of care for service providers, resilience of smart cities, environmental sustainability, and a host of scenarios yet to be imagined.


  • Control of IT assets in Datacenters
  • Temperature and humidity control in Datacenters
  • Datacenter variables control (HVAC, UPS and emergency power plants)

How does it work?

It offers the ability to monitor all IT assets, HVAC systems and uninterruptible power systems in data center facilities related to the use of Information Technology.

It also helps against unauthorized access. All this on a single platform, which aims to protect information from a wide range of threats to ensure business continuity and thus minimize the cost and increase the prevention of possible future damage.

The purpose of IT security is to protect information from a wide range of threats to ensure business continuity, minimize the cost of possible damage to the business line and maximize the return on investment while providing competitiveness to take advantage of opportunities through better competitive positioning.


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