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Integral technological solution for medium and large growers in the agro-industrial sector, incorporating state-of-the-art on-site sensors, connected to our cloud platform allowing monitoring of the crop, soil and environment, to optimize the harvest.

Agribusiness and Precision Farming

Agriculture is one of the most important economic activities in a large number of countries, however, this is still a very artisanal work, leading in many occasions to be a very imprecise task and therefore, there is no correct decision making when managing water resources and irrigation, leading to waste of water and increased costs, or also its late action when controlling pests, due to the lack of control to detect infestations or crop diseases at an opportune stage.


  • Control of climatic variables (air quality, UV, rain, wind, etc).
  • Control of agricultural variables (NPK, Matric Potential, Humidity, etc).
  • Soil Quality Control (Biological and Chemical Variables)
  • Greenhouse crop management
  • Floriculture

How does it work?

It allows monitoring crop fields through sensors for soil moisture, temperature, soil chemical quality, luminosity, among others, in order to automate activities such as the irrigation system, the temperature of a greenhouse, adding fertilizers, for example.

This allows farmers to know in real time the conditions of their plots in order to focus on improving the quality of their agricultural products, maximizing the efficiency of water use, optimizing inputs and treatments.

Intelligent farms

Farming and animal husbandry is the oldest of all industries and one of the most risky enterprises. Issues such as rapid population growth, dietary changes, resource constraints and climate change have consistently proven to be obstacles for farmers who need to produce more with less.
Managing these obstacles is very difficult without accurate monitoring and adequate prognosis, as animal husbandry is a job that involves constant care and attention, which in turn requires an agile and efficient response.


  • Control for artificial insemination of beef cattle
  • Control and management of poultry, swine and livestock farms
  • Silo monitoring
  • Control of environmental factors on farms

How does it work?

For the farm and hatchery sector, IoT Vanware offers the management of technologies that capture critical environmental elements such as CO2 levels, water consumption levels, energy consumption and feed consumption of livestock (cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, among others) as well as real-time light rates.
It also allows monitoring the condition of the equipment and the growth rate of the livestock by reading the weighing scales, as well as the environmental conditions inside the hatcheries, such as temperature and humidity.


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