Diffbot Provides a structured dataset of all fields and attributes extracted from the page. It allows you to stay on top of your product category, tracking prices, inventory and maintaining your product catalog.

  • More than 20 data fields, including brand, images, reviews, offer and selling prices
  • More than 3 million retail products previously crawled in the Knowledge Graph
  • Pull products and data from demand-driven e-commerce sites


  • Provides a structured data set of all fields and attributes extracted from the page.
  • Ensuring price parity with the competition
  • Track online sellers: monitor all the places where your product is sold online, see its price and if it is in stock, and detect unauthorized selling.
  • Extract user reviews: Understand how users rate your products and those of your competitors.
  • Analyze product-specific attributes: analyzes the actual content of product pages, allowing you to extract attributes such as quantity, weight, color, brand, detailed specifications that are available in other product feeds
  • Product catalog creation: Automate the product research required to build a new product catalog by leveraging our product standardization and the ability to identify all available suppliers and variations for a product.


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