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Diffot provides over 1.6B news articles, blog posts and press releases in the Knowledge Graph and pulls articles based on demand.

The user can follow the news without having to read it. Diffot’s Knowledge Graphs and Natural Language transform paragraphs into facts, understand the extracted entities (people and organizations) and finally create their own structured market tracking feed.


  • Instantly understand and act on facts and entities extracted from press releases, breaking news, etc.
  • Automate data collection for your machine learning practice: extract all the facts from the raw text so you can focus on data modeling, not data collection.
  • Analyze sentiment: State-of-the-art sentiment analysis allows you to quickly quantify trends and see what is being said about a company, brand or industry, and its share of voice.
  • Real-time alerts: Personalized e-mail alerts: receive daily, weekly or instant notifications. Or use the Webhook API to integrate alerts into your news application.


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