Contracting of
energy services

FirVox can constitute a legally robust tool for telephone contracting after the consumer has been made aware of the contracting conditions, as well as an additional protection mechanism for a user’s telephone report of a security incident and his identity (albeit ex post).

Full legal validity

The biometric voice signature “Firvox” is the first platform to obtain the Firma Vocal Ready! seal, awarded by EADTrust after passing its audit. This seal guarantees FirVox’s compliance with the EADTrust decalogue to provide full legal validity to the advanced voice signature.

It meets all the legal requirements to be considered an advanced electronic signature tool. The evidence that FirVox allows to obtain about the consent given by the consumer provides the offering entrepreneur with a legally robust proof tool about the signed content and the absence of manipulation and, ex post, also about the identity of the signatory.


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